We danced with the Maasai and hunted with the bushmen. We saw the Big Five—elephant, rhino, lion, leopard and buffalo—as well as the smaller life from dung beetles to the secretary bird.

This was the best trip ever! We’ve traveled the world over, both solo and in groups, and have never had a trip turn out better than this one.
— TO


Gennifer Reed

Gennifer Reed

As a small child growing up in Somalia, I fell in love with Africa.

Since 1994 I have taken people on safari—friends, and then friends of friends—and watched them fall in love with East Africa as I had.

Now I invite YOU to join me on a personalized safari, to meet my favorite people, and to see my favorite places in this beautiful part of the world.

There are many ways to see Africa—from going solo to traveling with large safari tour companies. However, if you want the security of a guide who knows the ropes, who takes care of all the details, who knows the best drivers, guides and accommodations, and who is right there on the safari with you, you will enjoy planning and taking a safari with me.

Your safari group is made to order and the itinerary is flexible. Before and throughout our travels, I take care of every detail, leaving you free to enjoy every minute of your vacation.

You’ll notice that I don’t have a long list and schedule of trips—these are not “cookie cutter” adventures.

I plan trips around my travelers, and will create a trip for you, or fit you into a group where we can meet your needs. You can start with a basic trip and add adventures that match your interests!

It’s important to me to provide good value, and I’m proud of the extras that my fellow travelers enjoy. For an incredible price you will enjoy luxuries and extras that you’ll see in much more expensive packages. I don’t have a staff or a lot of company overhead for you to pay for.

I have hand-picked your guides personally. After all the times we have worked together, we are also friends, and they take great care of my travelers.

They are knowledgeable, skilled drivers and experts in the local flora and fauna. They have over eighty years combined experience and include a head Conservation Ranger who is in charge of the rhinos at the Ngorongoro Crater.

I love the people of Africa, and work with companies that support local villages with employment, water, schools and more. We also are careful to conduct our safaris in ways that minimize stress to the animals and environment. You will get close to the wildlife, landscape and people without “roughing it,” staying in lodging that reflects your African surroundings while offering Western amenities and great food.

I can't wait to show you Africa! “Twende” is Swahili for “Let's go!”

Take a look at Plan Your Safari for ideas for your own special safari. You can also check Join A Safari and Field Notes to see if there's a trip already available, or in the planning stage, that you might be interested in. Start dreaming of your next adventure!

It all starts with a phone call...  Whether you know what you want or not, let’s talk today. I am happy to connect you with travelers from previous safaris for references. Let's start planning the trip of a lifetime for you!

Tanzania, Botswana, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia,   Eastern and Southern African Safaris

Tanzania, Botswana, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eastern and Southern African Safaris

“Karibu” Africa (You are Welcome to Africa)

Gensafaris has set a new standard for travel!
— DJ
Gen — loved this trip, every moment. It totally surpassed any expectations I had.

I loved the animals, our guides — and the cultural experiences that you were able to provide for us through your connections, that added such dimension to the trip.

Worth every penny! Thanks Gen!
— LB
I liked the variety of each day.

Sometimes we were on a game drive, sometimes we were on a hike.

Sometimes we were eating gourmet food in a beautiful setting, and sometimes we were munching our lunch standing by our wonderful cruisers.

Sometimes we were having a history lesson and sometimes we were thinking about how hard it is to get an education in Tanzania.

Sometimes we were following bow and arrow hunters and sometimes we were cozied up to a bar at a place like The Plantation.

And, Gen, you were the one who planned it out for us. It was so incredibly incredible. It was worth every penny. It was grand.

Thank you for a chance of a lifetime. Boy, I miss Tanzania!
— GP