The GenSafaris Difference

GenSafaris was the way to go!

Our family, ages 7 through 80, got the trip of a lifetime thanks to Gennifer and her team, who went all out for us — the rich and diverse cultural experiences they arranged for us visiting schools, villages, homes, farms and churches — the up close, personal and very exciting encounters with every wild animal and bird we could hope to see — and all the while in lovely accommodations with excellent food throughout.

Pitch perfect in every respect!
— DB
  • Gennifer Reed is with you in the planning stage, in the lodges and even in the safari vehicles to make sure your trip is outstanding.
  • After many trips, Gennifer has the experience, connections and friendships in Africa that make your trip unique and affordable.
  • Luxury lodges and tent camps are selected by Gennifer for comfort, cleanliness, excellent food, hospitality, conservation practices and location.
  • The safari guides have traveled repeatedly with Gennifer, have deep knowledge of the animals and environments, and really care about your experience.
  • With unlimited fuel for game drives, you’ll go deeper into the bush to find animals in less crowded environments, not just circling the lodges like some safari companies do.
  • Groups are usually 10–12 travelers and “made to order” for your family and friends.
  • You have opportunities for cultural learning with unique insights into local homes and lifestyles.
  • Your in-depth journey includes more than the “Big Five” game animals. You’ll learn about people, birds, plants, history, archaeology, and geology.
  • It’s hassle-free because Gennifer plans and takes care of every detail. While she’s checking you into the lodge, you can be relaxing with a glass of wine or exploring the gift shop.
We went to Africa to be dazzled and surprised. What we didn’t expect was to experience those feelings within the first 24 hours.

Being met at the airport with flowers, kind words of welcome, sharing our first breakfast with gentle Dikdiks, and a sample of the huge variety of the birds we were about to see set the tone for the remainder of the safari.

Thanks to your planning and organization, each day of the safari was problem free.

The variety of lodges and camps as well as the food exceeded our expectations. Each camp was unique and offered something new and special. Our vote for the favorite would go to Camp Chaka. The staff, service, food, and the experience of being that close to the elephants and lions was a thrill.

Interspersing cultural opportunities with the game drives enriched our African experience.

Your guides were truly impressive; their skill at animal sighting and identification was our first impression. While that never changed, as we spent more time together what was more important was their warmth and ability to make sure that each of us was having the best possible day. When you next talk to Elia, mention that Ginger is now seeing more birds in our own back yard thanks to his enthusiasm for our feathered friends.

Thanks Gennifer for showing us a new part of the world!
Asanti sana
— G & JD