Our Guides

One of the best things that makes GenSafaris different is our guides.

Hand-picked by Gennifer, they are knowledgeable, skilled drivers, wildlife spotters, and experts in the local flora and fauna.

Each day they strive to help you see as many animals as possible, while giving insight into their behavior and environments.

They have over eighty years combined experience and include a head Conservation Ranger.

Our guide pointed out animals that we would never have seen, and showed us how to spot them ourselves.

He could see the tip of a big cat’s ear in the grass,
or the dangling legs of a leopard in a tree
and put us in a great position to see it up close.

We saw lots of animals, and we saw many more than we expected, at even closer range than we expected.
— DJ


Donatus is our head guide. He is the Senior Park Warden in Conservation of Natural Resources for the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, one of the most distinguished wild animal reserves in the world. In addition to heading up the monitoring of over 40 black rhino's, he has recently been appointed by the Chief Conservator of Ngorongoro as head of the Elephant monitoring project. 

We thank you for your work with Gennifer to help create this beautiful experience that we have all had.
We are in awe of your many accomplishments so early in life including: your schooling, your leadership skills and your achievements.
Most of all we are grateful to have felt your passion, love and respect for the animals, the land and the people.
Donatus, asante sana and we salute you.
What a pleasure it was to get to know this kind, funny man. His knowledge of the area and the wildlife was astounding. He was like our own African Google—ask a question and he had the answer. His wealth of knowledge and pleasant company were absolutely invaluable!
— NN


Rabie is the guide/friend who has been with us the longest—20+ years!  He has a heart of gold and will go to endless lengths to make sure you feel at home and see everything your heart desires. He is an excellent driver and gives very soft rides for those who may have had back troubles. He is also our comedian who makes sure we laugh.

We appreciate your easy smile, great sense of humor and your open and loving heart.
You have so much knowledge and information and have been eager to share it with us every step of the way.
The fact that you value learning for yourself has been obvious.
Asante sana, Rabie and we salute you.


Elia is a farmer in his time away from safari. He knows hundreds of birds by name. One of his favorite sightings was of a rare 'Knob-billed Duck' that flew in and landed just next to his driver's door. 

Your strong, quiet, confidence can carry the day.
It has been a treat to be with you when you share your knowledge of the birds, plants and animals.
It has made this trip come alive for all of us. Your “eagle eye” has given us many new experiences.
Thank you, Elia for sharing your story with us.
Asante sana, Elia and we salute you.
Elia – I feel that I have a brother I had never seen from the Mother Country. I don’t know any thing to say but EXCELLENT for the way you helped the ‘ole man’! I am still on a Georgia Pine High.
— CS, an 80 year-old traveler


Gennifer is the one who makes it all happen. Traveling with Gennifer is like traveling with a friend who has unique connections in Africa.

We appreciate your organizational skills and attention to details to provide such a wonderful trip and experience for us.
We thank you for your patience in answering the same question over and over, even though we each have our own itinerary.
Thank you for trusting that if you simply put out the trip to the universe you will attract exactly the amazing people that you do.
Most of all we thank you for your lovely spirit and joyful nature.
We all support your love and respect for the people, the animals, and the land of this country.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to experience this Safari with you.
Asante sana, Gen and we salute you.
Gennifer Reed

Gennifer Reed