Guest Reviews

”I loved that part of the trip where we just got to do nothing. I just can’t imagine going from the Safari back home without the beauty and relaxation of Zanzibar. It was the perfect ending. Again a big thank you for inviting me on the Safari. You’ve got the itinerary down pat and are such a gracious and wise “guide” in so many ways: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. You were always in the present knowing what words, what wisdom, and support to give each one of us. So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!”
— Carol Gurney, The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication
Gennifer Reed was the consummate tour guide. She spotted the one rhino [and baby that] we saw. When we [had trouble in] one camp she found overnight lodgings for 8 in about 5 minutes flat. Truly unflappable, she was unfailingly sensitive to each traveler’s needs.
— Emmy S
My trip to Tanzania was, as many report, “life changing”. Spending three weeks in remote expanses where animals do nothing other than be themselves created an environment where becoming and feeling a deeper, more authentic self, was the only possibility. I returned less burdened and more in tune with the natural unfolding of life. And, so it has become.

The locals we met in our campsites were welcoming... It was refreshing to experience their sense of community.
— Merle M
“It’s a major spiritual refresher and pause button in life.”
— Matt R
“There was something about Tanzania that got into my soul.”
— Bobbi P
“The safari... is a gift of personal peace ... it gave me hope for all man kind.”
— Bill P
“Not only a trip of a lifetime, but a new life too.”
— Merle M
“I remain forever grateful to you for the amazing experience and the lessons from the animals.”
— Merle M
“It will wreck you for life. I want to go back so badly, I can’t stand it!”
— Bobbi P
“I worry less & take each day as it comes, just like the grazing animals we saw. There is no need to worry until the predator comes. And then all I can do is run and accept my fate”
— Merle
GenSafaris exceeded all my high expectations of experiencing diverse wild life and new terrain. What was even more powerful and rewarding was the unique opportunity to learn about the diverse and admirable Tanzanian cultures and peoples. “Life changing” is an overworked phrase, but certainly describes my trip with Gen.
— Bill P
I have made a few modifications to William Stafford’s poem so that it is inclusive of all of us.

Our Story

Remind me again - together we trace our strange journey, find each other, come on laughing. Sometimes we’ll cross where life ends. We’ll all look back as far as forever, that first day. We will touch - a new world then. Stars will move a different way. We’ll all end. We’ll all begin. Remind me again.
— Merle M
Ernest Hemingway: I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy.
Gen is an amazing tour leader! Our trip to Tanzania was spectacular, and Gennifer’s planning made it so. It was an unforgettable experience - certainly the best tour that I’ve ever been on.
— Rick R
Miss you too Gen! And the group, and the animals. What an unforgettable experience that was with you in Botswana. Mind blowing! :)
— Matej H, Sweden
Still my fave trip ever.
— John S
Genn, ‘J’, ‘A’ were all beyond exceptional!!! I can’t imagine this trip would have been near what it was without this wonderful team.
— Sandy F
Each of you made an essential contribution to the success of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Gennifer - for your highly effective organizational skills, in combination with your soul connection with Africa and its inhabitants, human and animal. Your care and intricate planning made it possible for us to have an effortless and hugely enjoyable experience.
— Lawrence K, UK
It was an incredible trip. Thank you again for all the planning and perfection.
— Gloria P
Without you, this would NOT have happened. Thank you so much for organizing.
— Jennifer B
“ Daniela M reviewed GenSafaris —“ 5 star

”Will never go on Safari with someone else. Thank you Gen for a life changing experience!”
— Daniela M
We had a great trip with Gennifer! Perhaps the best moment was an afternoon on the Serengeti when our vehicles became deeply mired in mud. There were lions at close quarters, but all of us, including our grandsons, had to get out. Most of us and pushed and dug. A couple of the boys kept a close lookout for approaching lions. We finally got loose and headed back to camp. What might have been considered a “problem” morphed into an ‘experience’.

At the entrance to the Serengeti we stopped and climbed a nearby bluff above the parking lot. That is, most of us climbed it. From our vantage point above we observed our seven-year-old grandson who somehow had managed to stay far below. He was in 7th Heaven checking out the cargo trucks and chatting up the African drivers. Again, an apparent ‘problem’ morphed into an ‘experience’.

That is the way it is and should be on safari. We saw all the animals and visited villages, schools and churches (it was Christmas). Everything went off without a hitch. But, it was the one-off ‘experiences’ which made the day.

... due to our unique circumstances, ... ‘DUE TO’ is the operative term! What a great trip!
— Best, Theron
You are one with the animals / with nature.
— Patrice Accola
Matej Hacin.jpg
It was wonderful to be on safari with you! What an extraordinary experience. Thank you again so much for making it all possible, dear Gennifer. God bless you!
— Matej Hacin
And thank you so much, Gennifer for your superb organization and for dreaming the whole thing up.
— Lawrence Kershen
“We went to Africa to be dazzled, and surprised. What we didn’t expect was to experience those feelings within the first 24 hours. Being met at the airport with flowers and kind words of welcome and sharing our first breakfast with gentle Dikdiks and a sample of the huge variety of birds we were about to see, set the tone for the remainder of the safari.

Thanks to your planning and organization each day of the safari was problem free. The variety of lodges and camps as well as the food exceeded our expectations. Each camp was unique and offered something new and special. Our vote for the favorite would go to Camp ‘C’. The staff, service and food and the experience of being that close to the elephants, giraffes and lions was a thrill.

Interspersing cultural opportunities with the game drives enriched our African experience.

Your guides were truly impressive; their skill at animal sighting and identification was our first impression. While that never changed, as we spent more time together what was more important was their warmth and ability to make sure that each of us was having the best possible day. When you next talk to Elia, mention that Ginger now is seeing more birds in our own back yard thanks to his enthusiasm for our feathered friends.

For us GenSafaris has set a new standard for travel! Thanks Gennifer for showing us a new part of the world. Asante sana”
— Ginger and John
What a great trip! I feel so very very lucky to have gotten to see such a beautiful part of of the world. Everyone always says Africa changes you and they’re right. It touched my soul in ways I never expected. It made my part of the world seem very small and made me want to see more. Memories were made in those two weeks that will be cherished forever. I’m so very glad we had such a fun group to travel with. It made it that much better. Thank you!
— NN
I did not know what to expect out of this trip, but it surpassed every dream I had! To see both countries (Tanzania and Uganda) really was beneficial! I had such limited knowledge of Africa and how different one country is from the next. The juxtaposition helped me appreciate each country for different reasons! I now have the “Africa-bug” and hope to go back—especially to Tanzania—again sometime! Thanks for being a part of my life-changing experience!
— CN
I am grateful that you were willing to take the risk of the new adventure with me and two newbies. I know it is an adventure that will be with me as long as I live. Africa is such an amazing and awe inspiring place. Every time I go, I come back changed and touched by the great heart of Africa. I cannot wait to go again.
— KW
We went to Africa to be dazzled and surprised. What we didn’t expect was to experience those feelings within the first 24 hours. Being met at the airport with flowers, kind words of welcome, sharing our first breakfast with gentle Dikdiks, and a sample of the huge variety of the birds we were about to see set the tone for the remainder of the safari. Thanks to your planning and organization, each day of the safari was problem free. The variety of lodges and camps as well as the food exceeded our expectations. Each camp was unique and offered something new and special. Our vote for the favorite would go to Camp Chaka. The staff, service, food, and the experience of being that close to the elephants and lions was a thrill. Interspersing cultural opportunities with the game drives enriched our African experience. Your guides were truly impressive; their skill at animal sighting and identification was our first impression. While that never changed, as we spent more time together what was more important was their warmth and ability to make sure that each of us was having the best possible day. When you next talk to Elia, mention that Ginger is now seeing more birds in our own back yard thanks to his enthusiasm for our feathered friends. Thanks Gennifer for showing us a new part of the world! Asanti sana
— G & JD
Gorilla Treks: A once in a lifetime! I’ll never forget this experience! I feel so fortunate to be one of the lucky few who will ever see these gentle giants in their own home. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to see a gorilla in a zoo again after seeing how content and happy they are roaming the forest. The trek itself pushed my physical limits, but it was so worth it! Thank goodness for the porters who were so helpful in pushing, pulling and catching me as needed. I still can’t believe how close we were able to get without bothering the gorillas. Being not the most outdoorsy girl in the world, I was a little worried about this trek. Any qualms I had were gone right away with the sheer excitement and beauty of it all.
— NN
Gorilla Treks: Truly an experience of a lifetime! It was very challenging physically! But every bead of sweat was worth seeing those amazing gorillas so close! I would highly recommend this activity!
— CN
Gorilla Treks: Ouch, but worth it! I still pinch myself when I think that I clambered down and up steep paths, huffing and puffing and sweating, battling thistles and elephant grass, trying not to think of snakes and then sat and watched gorillas, who were watching me. It was worth every sore muscle and moment of questioning my own sanity. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. It was another African life changing moment.
— KW
Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge: What a special place! This, for me, is tied for first place as favorite lodge. It’s a hidden gem that takes some effort to find. The drive was beautiful and fascinating and Barrak was a warm and welcoming greeter for the lodge—and cute too! All of the staff were so open and genuine that they truly did feel like family after only a few days. Our butler, Innocent, was so helpful, efficient and sweet. Finding that shaker instrument for me on the last night was above and beyond expectation. The cottages were private and perfect. Loved the fireplace! The food here was probably the best of the trip. They even went above and beyond the day Kim and I stayed behind, setting up a beautiful breakfast outdoors for us. The place itself is so magical and surreal, but it’s the people who really found a special place in my heart. The lodge felt like a second home. Can’t say enough good things about it. It was hard to leave.
— NN
Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge: Fell in love with Uganda here! The staff, lodging, food and EVERYTHING else were all outstanding! The food here might be a contender for Best Food of the trip. The lodges were absolutely perfect and the staff couldn’t have been better! The veiws from the main lodge and on the drive up were amazing! I would love to visit this place again!! It was a very hard place to leave. I personally felt like I made friends there and it brought tears to my eyes to leave such wonderful people in an amazing place.
— CN
Ruaha Park: As this was my first trip to Africa, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew it would be wonderful and I would be happy with whatever animals I was lucky enough to see. I guess I had set my expectations low so as not to be disappointed. I never dreamed in a million years that I would see the entire cast of the lion king in our very first drive! I was completely blown away! The diversity of wildlife and the sheer numbers were astounding. That we were able to be so close was beyond my wildest expectations! Loved all of it!
— NN
Ruaha Park: Loved this!!!!!!!!!! I loved the remoteness and the “wildness” of the animals. Being the only jeep in the area was very nice.
— KW
Ruaha Park: Very neat to see animals that were not as tame as those from the Tarangire park. A noticeably different climate with variations within animal species was also very neat to behold.
— CN
Donatus. What a pleasure it was to get to know this kind funny man. His knowledge of the area and the wildlife was astounding. He was like our own African Google—ask a question and he had the answer. His wealth of knowledge and pleasant company were absolutely invaluable!
— NN
Donatus. Such a wealth of information and a great spotter! Great company! Fun and happy person to spend your days with! I learned so much from him on this trip and left feeling like I had a new friend! His ability to make things happen quickly when plans would change, in Tanzania especially, was a great gift! I also was super pleased that I got to hold a chameleon! I have already recommended Gennifer and Donatus as guides for anyone who plans to go to Tanzania!
— CN
Gennifer, you did such a marvelous job of planning this trip and an even more amazing job of rolling with the changes as they came up. I am so happy I got a chance to get to know you better. It was a pleasure to travel with you. Your knowledge, expertise and general comfort level with the area were so helpful. You were very patient with the novice travelers and the occasional unreasonable fear. :)
— NN
Gennifer, this trip was truly life-changing and your positive energy and great organizational skills helped make it that way! I enjoyed all the time I got to spend with you. Your knowledge of the areas and ability to get us everything we could possibly need to have a great trip were outstanding! I have to commend you on your positive energy! It is so much easier to let go and enjoy the moment when you have a guide who is leading the way to happiness and peace! I was very happy to leave feeling like I had you as a new friend too!
— CN
Arumeru River Lodge: The grounds of this lodge were very pretty. The flowering trees and gardens were lovely and it was fun to get our first glimpse of dik diks here. The staff were all very nice and helpful and I liked the shared tip box.
— NN
Mahale Park Kunwe Beach Lodge: It’s a beautiful location... The staff was made up of wonderful people who were extremely helpful and kind... the tents were lovely...
— NN
Kigoma Hilltop Lodge: The people were lovely, the food was really good and the views beautiful. One of my favorite memories of the trip was waking up early to the sound of heavy rain and the Muslim call to prayer. The combination was so hauntingly beautiful and it reminded me (in a good way) that I was very far from home. The semi-tame zebras were fun to see.
— NN
Tarangire Safari Lodge: They had a very nice buffet. What really stood out for me here was the stunning view! I very much enjoyed the time we spent after lunch taking that in. I also appreciated the nice bathrooms...
— NN
Tarangire Safari Lodge: Lunch was great and the views were spectacular. Very neat to sit with coffee and binoculars and look out to the beautiful park full of animals!
— CN
Plantation Lodge: Beautiful rooms, beautiful grounds! This place was really a stunner. We loved the little touches like the flowers in the bathroom. Dinner here was really great, as was the massive breakfast. Loved that we got to visit the wine cellar. Would have loved to stay at this place longer.
— NN
Plantation Lodge: AMAZING food! Absolutely STUNNING rooms and grounds. Staff was very polite and attentive. A very comfortable place to stay, a nice break from the wilderness. A great place to recharge with the creature comforts of home.
— CN
The Plantation Lodge. By this point I needed some posh and this fit the bill perfectly. The wine cellar tour was a blast. The food and wine were delightful. The staff friendly. The grounds are gorgeous. The rooms are beautiful.
Jongomero Lodge: Tied for first place as my favorite lodge of the trip! This place was really special. The tents were so lovely and comfortable. Waking up to the sounds of lions and to look out and see elephants mid-day was amazing! It’s the kind of place I’d imagined when I dreamed of someday going to Africa. The morning and afternoon drives were perfect. I’m amazed at the number of animals all within a few miles of the lodge. I loved that there weren’t a lot of other vehicles competing for viewing space. It usually felt like the whole place was just ours. I can’t think of anything that would have made it more perfect. The dinner on the riverbed is a wonderful memory. I loved the Maasai escorts back to the tents at night. The food here was fantastic! I liked the group/ family style lunch and more private dinners. This place touched my soul. The memories from here will be cherished forever.
— NN
Jongomero Lodge: Staff and Food here were top notch! The rooms and grounds were breathtaking. I would go back to this place in a heartbeat, if given the opportunity. It was very nice to be completely in the wilderness, to really live in the moment, and to take in the wonders all around us. It was also nice to meet the other guests over lunch but then be able to have a private dinner with your group.
— CN
Jongomero Lodge: This is one of my favorite places I have stayed in Africa. The staff was delightful. The food was delicious and plentiful. The tents were beautiful and clean. The setting was perfect. I loved hearing the lions at night and the elephants wandering by the tents. I would go back there in a heart beat.
— KW
Serena Lodge Entebbe Uganda: This was certainly a regal hotel... my favorite feature here was the bathtub. As a girl who takes a bath every day, a good long soak was much appreciated.
— NN
I don’t think we will ever experience a morning like we had today! From 6:00 on a large group of elephants had gathered behind our bungalow to drink from a water tank - tons of trumpeting - right out our back window. As we were getting ready for the day one of the staff came running to tell us to hurry up and come outside. About 100 yards past our bungalow (last one in our compound) three lionesses were sitting with five cubs and they were looking right at us. All of a sudden one of the lionesses started to roar and charged us. After being told to never run from a lion, I ran like a maniac. The elephants then went crazy and started charging the lions who then moved on to protect their cubs. As we left our bungalow to head to breakfast (escorted) we saw that the lions had killed a zebra right near the water tank so we knew they would be back soon. Since our luggage was packed to move on to our next setting, we were told NOT to return. The owner’s son moved the zebra away from our camp by throwing it into his truck. As we left in our little caravan we stopped to watch animals approach the dead zebra - warthogs and water bucks - knowing full well that the lions would soon be returning to munch on their “catch of the day” but we couldn’t wait any longer.
— JH
It’s still cold, cold, cold and wintry here. I am suffering from jetlag, though I believe I’m depressed because I’m here and not there. Reliving every moment each and every day. Watched the lion video, the dead cape buffalo video, kitchen tour video, and the stuck jeep video today for my fix. Somehow I have got to get out of my chair and attend to my life as it is. Keep waiting for my tea to be delivered. But I believe it would quickly freeze on my front porch. You are the best!!!!
— K
We are finding re-entry for this experience has been difficult, to say the least! I continue to have difficulty even finding the words to describe our short time in Africa. When you are there you must always be thinking of your next time! Each morning I woke up with great anticipation of the day and each night fell into bed feeling grateful. The animals of course were, well just that, fabulous. One of the things I was most taken with, Gen, was your connection with everyone. I watched the way the children and women were drawn to you and the honesty and warmth you shared. And of course the drivers...Elia was very sincere when he said that you were the best and their favorite! Thank you for sharing a little of yourself with us. Asante Sana!
— J & G
I have been going through my photos and reliving our trip. Gen, it was incredibly wonderful. Sometimes, when I am thinking about all the experiences and beautiful places we stayed, I simply can’t believe that we really experienced it. I felt like royalty, and yet, felt so small in a vast place with warm people, beautiful landscapes, and majestic animals who seemed unaware that we were interested in them. I am convinced that it is because we were a small, intimate group, that experienced a chance in a lifetime. I really miss being there. It took me several days to come to terms with the fact that I left it all behind. My favorite African animals are the elephants and the giraffes. They are magnificent. My favorite place to stay?? That is hard. I’m a backpacker and often go north on the Superior Hiking Trail for a few days at a time. So, I loved the remoteness of Chaka, and of course the luxury of it, right in the middle of nowhere. And I loved the elegance and beauty of The Plantation. I also liked the variety of each day. Sometimes we were on a game drive, sometimes we were on a hike. Sometimes we were eating gourmet food in a beautiful setting, and sometimes we were munching our lunch standing by our wonderful cruisers. Sometimes we were having a history lesson and sometimes we were thinking about how hard it is to get an education in Tanzania. Sometimes we were following bow and arrow hunters and sometimes we were cozied up to a bar at a place like The Plantation. And, Gen, you were the one who planned it out for us. It was so incredibly incredible. It was worth every penny. It was grand. Thank you for a chance of a lifetime. Boy, I miss Tanzania!
— GP
A year ago we were with you and having the best trip EVER!!
— NL
That was the best trip and we are so grateful for all you did to make it very special for us. How DID you guys get those leopards to pose for us?
— DB
Each day was a gift. I was surrounded by beauty, friends, wildlife, new experiences. Mine for being alive. The moment I arrived in Africa I felt a connection, as if I’d been there before. It truly feels like the cradle of civilization. I let go - and Africa filled me up. I never laughed so much on a trip - surrounded by my friends. I watched each one open up to the continent. I cried for hours with a friend who finally came to terms with the death of a loved one. I really think Africa helped her say “yes” to life and move on. Africa never leaves you. I carry it inside with me always. I want to return. I am more open to experiences where I let go - and get filled up. I have a new appreciation for wildlife. I have new brothers and sisters in Africa. I am a more complete human being.
— NG
I still remember the methane system....what a great trip we had with you.
— KS
One of the best things about our trip were the things that went “wrong”! Let me tell you about three of them:

At the entrance to the Serengeti we climbed the rock formation as we waited for the entry process to be completed. That is, most of us climbed the rock. Where was Noah our 7-year-old grandson? Oh! There he is! Way down there in the parking lot going from truck to truck chatting up the African drivers. He never missed us.

One night in a tented camp we finished a great camp dinner and headed off to bed. Our daughter, Chela, and her husband went off to one tent and their five sons 7 to 12-years–of age went off to another. In the night a lion roared just outside! Chela, in a fit of parental guilt, left her tent and crept through the rainy night to the boys’ tent to protect them! They, and she, all survived.

First one vehicle got stuck. Another came up to pull it out. But, there were lions all around and people (even kids) were needed to push. Some were assigned look-out to ensure the lions stayed at a distance. The second vehicle got stuck. And then the third. Pushing finally released one. A dozen drivers, guides, tourists, kids and old men were covered with mud. None more so than Gennifer Reed!
— T & D
Gen - loved this trip - every totally surpassed any expectations I had. I loved the animals, our guides and the cultural experiences that you were able to provide for us through your connections that added such dimension to the trip. Worth every penny! Thanks Gen!
— LB
My eyes are full.
— NG
Our guide said to us, ‘Whatever we see, we are lucky.’ And we saw so much that it seemed as though providence blessed us every day. Every morning, the anticipation was explosive inside me. Each night I felt my heart growing bigger.
— AB
Gennifer, you made this very special. Thank you - words fail me. I found places and friends that I will treasure forever.
— RR
We were delighted with the cleanliness and comfort of the accommodations. In the bush, luxury touches have a big impact, and it’s hard to see how they can make it all happen in the middle of nowhere. I loved the morning tea and coffee delivered to our door at the tent camp, and sitting down to a great dinner at the end of the day.
— JB
After game drives each day, we returned to relax at the various lodges we visited. Surrounded by the sounds of Africa as the sun set, we invariably toasted to Gennifer and her local guides. The stillness at dusk hinted at the tranquility of dawn. Every day, everything in between was simply breathtaking. There were many moments I couldn’t breathe because the elephants were so close, or because the lions were so majestic. Or because any singular moment was so deep and so vast.
— AB
Gennifer - You were the supreme female lion who kept us safe, well-fed, and eager for each new day. It’s a trip I’ll never forget.
— MS
There were no decisions to make or argue over - Gen takes care of everything.
— LB
Our guide pointed out animals that we would never have seen, and showed us how to spot them ourselves. He could see the tip of a big cat’s ear in the grass, or the dangling legs of a leopard in a tree and put us in a great position to see it up close. We saw lots of animals, and we saw many more than we expected, at even closer range than we expected.
— DJ
In Elia our guide, I feel that I have a brother I had never seen from the Mother Country. I don’t know anything to say but EXCELLENT for the way you helped the ‘ole man’! I am still on a Georgia Pine High.
— CS (80-year-old traveler)
GenSafaris was the way to go! Our family, ages 7 through 80, got the trip of a lifetime thanks to Gennifer and her team who went all out for us—the rich and diverse cultural experiences they arranged for us visiting schools, villages, homes, farms and churches —the up close, personal and very exciting encounters with every wild animal and bird we could hope to see—and all the while in lovely accommodations with excellent food throughout. Pitch perfect in every respect!
— DB
We danced with the Maasai and hunted with the Bushmen. We saw the Big Five (elephant, rhino, lion, leopard and buffalo) as well as the smaller life from dung beetles to the secretary bird. This was the best trip ever! We’ve traveled the world over, both solo and in groups, and have never had a trip turn out better than this one.
— TO
Gennifer ~ We appreciate your organizational skills and attention to details to provide such a wonderful trip and experience for us. Most of all we thank you for your lovely spirit and joyful nature. We all support your love and respect for the people, the animals, and the land of this country. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to experience this Safari with you. Asante sana, Gen and we salute you.
Elia was amazing. He seemed to have an invisible catalog of the birds we had seen, which gave us time to learn about new discoveries.
— JS (220+ species seen in 11 days)
Standing over Oldupai Gorge where Mary Leakey discovered fossils of our most ancient ancestors seemed almost transcendental. Remains from millions of years ago teach us who we are today.
— AB